Chat System with Validated Sender

Proof of Concept Chat System with Ethereum Wallet Based Message Signing and Sender Validation.

TODO - implement a secondary encryption key that can be created by the user, stored in a blockchain, and then referenced by users that read his messages. This way you get to use a password ONCE in the session to authenticate your messages, and a key signed by this pair is saved in the reference record in the blockchain.

User Data Signing and Validation

Stage: Currently in discussion by the major players on the EIP GitHub Issue.

Once a Standard for signing Custom Data using the user's private keys is approved and adopted by the Ethereum/EIPs we can start using the User's Ethereum Wallet Private Keys to sign data in such a manner that there is no possible way of signing a valid Transaction request.

This opens up possibilities like User Login, Identity Validation, Message Sender Validation in Chat Groups, Private Data Encryption.

This is a requirement for the Fully Decentralized Platform.