Key Value Note
Type ERC20 Token contract can be found in GatewayInterface -> ApplicationEntity -> TokenManagerEntity -> TokenEntity
Symbol BBX
Decimals 18
Total Supply 500,000,000
ICO Supply 57%
ICO Bounty Supply 3%
Total Circulating Supply 60%
Project Owner Supply 40% Locked until project reaches Phase 4 - Development Completed
Supply is FIXED TRUE This means no new tokens can ever be created

@TODO: add token contract address to token.blockbits.eth resolver


Locked tokens are used for Voting Development Milestone Releases.

Can be used as a pass in order to enter Internal PRE ICO funding phases of Projects Launched through the BlockBits Platform. Amount is set by Project Owner at any amount they deem necessary. Having more than said amount of BBX Token does not grant you any additional privileges in Discount Programs.

Can be sold back to the Token BuyBack mechanism.