Use Cases and Examples:

Let's take a look at a project that has been successfully funded.

In order to promote good management, failing a Development Milestone should have rather big repercussions to your Project and will reflect your Management Ability as a Project Owner.

The Platform allows the Project Owner to initiate a Milestone Postponing Proposal in order to Postpone a Development Milestone Meeting.

Example Crowd Funded Project Bylaws

Bylaw Name Value
Project Bylaws - Meeting Postponing Min 7 days
Project Bylaws - Meeting Postponing Max 90 days
Project Bylaws - Proposal Voting Duration 7 days
Project Bylaws - CashBack After No Vote 7 days
Project Bylaws - CashBack Owner MIA 365 days
Project Bylaws - Voting Phase - Duration 7 days


  • Owner has a successfully funded project, 8 Development Milestones available.
  • Development Milestone #1 was completed and delivered successfully.
  • Development Milestone #2 was completed and delivered successfully.
  • Development Milestone #3 was completed and delivered successfully.
  • Owner is working on Development Milestone #4 - work time 90 days
  • 14 Days left before Development Milestone #4 - Meeting. Because of some unforeseen circumstances the project encountered delays.

    • The team has yet to find a solution, but is confident they will and this will not affect the timeline, yet this is a risk that investors should be notified on.
    • The Project Owner writes an Official Announcement on the Platform detailing the issues and how they plan to address them.
    • The Owner now has 2 choices:
      • 1 - Be prepared and create a Milestone Postponing Proposal where Token Holders will be able to Vote to postpone the meeting Just in case
        • If the Proposal Result is successful, the Meeting and Deadline is postponed.
        • If the Proposal Result is rejected, then the Meeting will take place.
        • This allows for a more transparent interaction between Project Owner and Investors
      • 2 - Decide to wing it and just wait and see what happens. If all fails they can just try to explain things to the Investors at the Milestone Delivery Meeting and hope the resulting Proposal Vote is successful.
        • If the team outright fails in delivering the Development Milestone, they lost all their future funding.
        • Even if the team succeeds in delivering the Development Milestone, it results in questionable behaviour, that should not really be acceptable in Investment Projects.
        • This can be a rather problematic outcome for everyone
  • Development Milestone #4 - Meeting takes place.

    • At this meeting the requirements ( code / services / etc ) of the Development Milestone have been delivered or not.
    • After the meeting the Voting Phase begins, where Token Holders decide to Accept the Not.
    • Based on which approach the owner took ( "Be prepared and Postpone" or "Wing it" ) some investors might feel let down and want to Cash out funds locked in future Development Milestones.

In this case, if the majority votes NO to said Development Milestone delivery proposal, anyone that votes NO can CashBack their remaining funds.