State - New

A new private Project has been created by a Project Owner and all it's data is stored in Storage - LEVEL 2 using a password to Encrypt and Decrypt it.

State - Published

At this stage, the Project Owner is ready to share the Project with collaborators, and sends out invitations.

Any change done to the Project, will result in a new Project Revision ( think git ) and the Project Owner can accept the change request as the main version to be used.

State - Deployed

Project is ready and gets deployed. - Smart contracts are deployed to the Ethereum BlockChain ( Storage - LEVEL 1 ) - Project media ( descriptions and images ) is deployed to Storage - LEVEL 2

State - Launched

  • If current time is
    • before funding time period, CAN BE DELISTED.
    • after funding time period, starts accepting contributions.

State - Funding Failed

State - Funding Successful

  • allow token transfers from direct funding
  • allow eth transfer from direct funding to the owner's multisig

  • if advance payment fund exists, it is released to the owner and tokens to the investors

State - Development start

  • Starts at date specified in bylaws
  • Creates first milestone meeting

State - In Development - Cycle

For each milestone:

  • milestones left?

    • NO - # State - Development Complete
    • YES
      • Creates milestone meeting at the end of milestone deadline
      • new meeting creation for date
        • based on bylaws, require Input from owner about meeting fixed timestamp ( hour / minute )
          • new meeting announcement for date
        • owner fails to set timestamp X days in advance ( based on bylaws ), at meeting date start cash out period
          • fail, starts global CashBack period ( duration in bylaws MIA Owner )
            • never run action - # State - CashBack
        • owner sets meeting timestamp
          • at meeting
            • next day starts proposal voting period
              • after result, if negative, wait ( duration in bylaws ) days for individual NO Cashbacks
                • cash out can only be done by voters that said NO in the proposal.
                • 1 second after cash out period ends run meeting action.
  • new proposal can be created for postponing a milestone deadline.

State - Development Complete

Represents the state of a project that has finished delivery of all Project Development Milestones and all have been accepted by Project Investors.